the ballad of lefty brown

The killer jumps from a window, surprising Lefty. He then fails to apprehend him. Ed comes out and subdues the man.  He tells Lefty he made a big mistake. Ed and Lefty immediately ride off  together. 

The hanging

Despite Lefty protesting the illegality of it he hangs the man. It’s Ed’s chosen method of exacting justice.

lefty brown

A thrilling and action packed western. The ballad of lefty brown is a story about loyalty. It is a story about friendship. It’s a story about the relentless pursuit of  justice. He’s kills several of the gang and Lefty apprehends the killer. He lets two of the gang escape.

Back at his ranch

He returns back to the ranch, Ed and his wife Laura prepare to move to Washington. He has been elected Senator. She has reservations about Ed’s decision to leave Lefty in charge. But Ed is sure of his loyalty.


The next day, a ranch hand informs Ed and Lefty that three horses have been rustled.  They both then go to track down the rustlers. He does no know what will happen. He knows is is the best of times. I also know it would be the worst.

Gov. James Bierce

Later, Gov. James Bierce and Marshal Tom Harrah arrive to console Laura. They, Ed and Lefty used to ride together. Hearing that Lefty has gone off to find the man. He decides to find him to prevent him getting himself into trouble. On the trail, Lefty is set upon by a gunman. 

The trap

Just as Tom is about to spring the trap. A man rides up who Tom. He recognizes as an employee of the governor’s.Tom kills several of the gang and Lefty apprehends the killer. Two of the gang escape. Watch the the ballad of lefty brown on video