Corporate – season 3

has always been good and was usually awesome. Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman star as Matt and Jake. Two junior exes at the corporation Hampton vill. Their lives are bland, farcical, and horrific. I don’t seem to have much of a social life outside their office. Their office is a nowhere bubbling with anxiety. 


Their CEO, Christian, is an executive mega shark. He’s seeking easy money on global hardship. Things he will try to make a quick buck on include. Natural disasters, loneliness, internet. Corporate is at its best when it’s parodying the small idiocys. He maintains the veneer of office civility.

Hyperbolic satire

Corporate is a satire, with plots that express. Clear-cut ideas about various -isms.  Even the anti capitalists are capitalists. 

I know this sounds like brilliant material for a mediocre think piece. Corporate season 3 has made fun of think pieces. I may be getting the sense this isn’t for everybody. 

Pat Bishop, directed almost all 26 episodes. He found a good rhythm. His rapid fire banter and absurd visual gags.

Black Dog

Corporate season 3’s standout, Black Dog. Takes Jake’s very large cynicism seriously. As a clinical depression, sourcing his constant rat-a-tat banter. To a horrific imaginary friend. 

Series finale

And the series finale is just okay. Not one last high point. It lands on a note of genuine apocalypse. Which every previous episode renders unnecessary. On Corporate, the world ended long ago. Maybe at the turn of the century. Maybe when everyone started their gradual exit. Some times life can be so painful. You just have to laugh! You had to laugh at Corporate, painful as it was. We weren’t all watching it, but we’ll keep living through it. Watch the video here.